Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Running your own business is challenging and takes a lot of perseverance. In order to find success, you need to be driven and dedicated to your business and you must continue to work hard day in and day out, even when you are not immediately successful. Here are some tips to remember when you work your way up from nothing to a successful entrepreneur:

1. Love what you do. When you choose something that lines up with both your passion and personal interest then it never seems like you are working.

2. Spend a lot of time in the beginning hiring the right people because the best and the brightest team members will help you to find success. Always treat your employees with respect and make them feel as though they are a valued member of your organization.You can’t do it all by yourself.

3. Do not be afraid of failure. Even the most successful business people have failed many times, and most of them miserably. The difference is that they got back up and tried again, working through the mistakes that they made to finally find success.

4. Always keep in touch with your customers and speak directly to them. Whether a customer is happy or unhappy about something, they want to speak to the people who are responsible for the product or the service.

5. Work on making small improvements every day and better your business by developing it a little bit more as time goes by. Over time the result is a significant change that is noticeable by most people.

6. Focus on positive outcomes.

7. Take care of your customers and growth will happen and opportunity will follow.

8. Stay away from negative people, they will only bring you down. If you have a passion and you bring that passion to your business, you do not need to listen to the naysayers.

9. Never stop learning, make it your mission to continually expand your knowledge and learn new skills and concepts.

10. Set goals and stick to them. When you are self-employed you must have discipline, there is no “boss” to check up on you and make sure that you are getting things done as you should. Always be mindful of your schedule, keep appointments and never stop striving for perfection. When you reach certain goals, set new ones for yourself and for your business.

11. Find a mentor network and ask plenty of questions. Do not be afraid to ask for advice and if you are lucky enough to get good advice, take it and act on it.

12. Get out of your comfort zone. If you are stuck in a certain slump you and your business will not grow. When you introduce ideas that are new and different you may get negative feedback but this should not discourage you from getting things done. Donald Trump, CEO of Trump Organization says that any aspiring entrepreneur needs to avoid their comfort zone in order to be successful.

13. Success comes only from hard work. If you are not willing to put the work in to your business to make it successful then it is pretty unlikely that you are going to find any success for the long term. Enjoy success when it comes, but don’t let it deter you from focussing on the bigger picture. Always give your business one hundred and fifty per cent of your mental focus and effort.

How to Start a Business

 Are you thinking about starting up a business? There are so many things that you must do when it comes to business start-up and each step is important. First of all you need to research the demand for the type of business you will be starting. You want to know that you will be successful with enough customers needing the service or product that you will be providing.

Creating your Business Plan

A business plan is an important tool for any business owner and you will need to prepare a viable business plan.  When you formulate your business plan you need confidence, dedication and enthusiasm that should be easily conveyed to the reader. A business plan should be written in such a way that it explains your business to a person who may not be familiar with it so that they understand how it all works.

An effective business plan is a dynamic document that grows and changes as your business does. It needs to reflect the current state of your business, present and future goals and the environment which your business operates in. A good business plan can help you to transform thoughts and capital into a viable business. It can also assist in securing financing from potential investors or lenders.

Finding Office Space

Once you have created your business, have some funds in place and are ready to get set up, you will need to find an office space and an address. If you have not already considered it, why not take a look at office space that has everything that you need already included? The charges for having everything connected such as internet and telephone can be costly, but an office suite that is already set up is ready for you to simply move in. All you will need to do is bring your computer, plug it in and get down to work. A furnished office suite already has all of the furniture that you will need, so you do not need to spend money furnishing your office with a desk and chairs.

business-planA furnished office suite that is fully connected can provide you with a much needed office address. It does not matter if you cannot afford to hire st
aff, you can save money by using the phone answering service to take your calls in a virtual office environment and deal with clients. This will give your business a professional feel without the high price tag that is needed to hire the right staff. 

Finer Details

Once you have a business address and are ready to get down to work, you will need to have your company logo designed so that you can use it on your correspondence and emails. You will also want to have business cards completed so that they are available to provide to clients and to potential clients so that they can have all of the important information that they need regarding your business.

You will want to have your website created and launched at the same time that you start up your business. Your website is like an online business card that everyone will see and access in order to find out more information about your business. Your website is how people will find your business if they are looking for the service or products that you offer in an online search. It is important to invest a decent amount of money into the creation of your website so that it has the proper Search Engine  Optimisation incorporated into it from the beginning. If these details are overlooked it can mean the difference between being seen in the Search Engine Results Page and being buried thousands of pages past page one.

Your business should be listed in a variety of directories so that it will be seen by people when they are seeking certain types of businesses.
It is important to ensure that you cover all of your bases to ensure that your business will be successful when you launch it.

Why Leasing an Office Space is Important

When you have a business to run, leasing office space is an important factor to consider. It is one thing to run your own business from home, but a physical office makes your business more credible.

Instant office suites provide a distinct advantage over bare office space rental because these spaces already have everything in place including an internet connection, furniture, meeting and conference rooms, and phone service. Larger equipment may also be available in these situations, including photocopies, printers and fax machines. The entire cost is much lower than conventional space, because most of the overhead is shared amongst all office space renters, making it more affordable to have access to state of the art equipment.

The cost savings of not having to install or connect all of the items required to enable you to do business can be substantial. With an office space that is already configured and ready to go, you simply move in with your computer and connect it to the internet. You can be up and running, and doing business in a matter of minutes instead of days. Standard internet and phone connections need to be arranged in advance and can take a great deal of time.

Whether you are a sole business owner or have several partners, it is easy to find instant office suites to suit the size of your business. As mentioned in the previous blog post entry, the location of your business is important too, because it needs to be accessible by many of your clients who live nearby.

Being close to the city centre means that it is easy to attract new business and meet with clients. When you have access to conference rooms, you can make a lasting impression on your clients. As your business grows you have the opportunity to rent more space as required. If you are downsizing your business, you can rent less space. The possibilities are endless and flexible.

Sometimes larger companies need to find suitable space to lease on a temporary basis while they source a larger rental space. Instant office suites are a good option because they do not have to lock into contracts with a variety of service providers to set up the space they need. Some companies are seeking a branch office set up in addition to their larger head office. Instant office suites can provide an easy solution to this space dilemma. Some really great uses for this type of office rental include a single person office, a larger executive office for more people, suites clustered together, space for a team or a guest office.


When you rent office space that is completely set up, there are some distinct advantages. You will find that you can afford to lease the smaller space and obtain a prestigious business address that will impress your clients. The entire building has amenities that you would not implement on your own, including twenty four hours per day security access system. Many of the systems that are set up in the building are state of the art, including the most up to date telephone system with options like call forwarding and caller ID.

If all of these advantages are not enough for you, there is another consideration when you rent from an instant office suite provider. There are significant networking opportunities between yourself and other business owners within the same building. If you do not meet someone by chance, many instant office providers offer networking events that can help you to make important connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

To find out more about leasing an instant office suite, click here.

What to Look for in an Office Space

When you are looking for an office space you should have several things in mind. The office space that you choose must suit your needs so that you can carry on business in a meaningful way. It is a good idea to make a list of features that you want included in your office space before you start to look around.

Location is Important

Your office space should be located in an area that is close to all of the amenities that you will need to carry on business in a meaningful way. Consider the distance to your banking facility, proximity to parking (if you plan to drive to work), and nearby restaurants for lunch and dinner.

The office should be easy to get to by car or by public transit. This makes it more convenient not just for you, but also for your colleagues, staff, business associates, partners, & etc. for easy access to your office. The location of your business also helps you to easily meet with your clients for business meetings.

Choosing an office for rent should not be a difficult task, but the option of obtaining a space that is near your home base is a good one. This will save you the hassle of commuting on a daily basis and can save you a great deal of money in the future.

What are your needs?

Always check out any requirements for your office space, including signing a lease, the length of time that the lease will run and what the terms are. Always ensure that you understand the cost of the lease including what is expected on a month to month basis. Find out what kind of amenities are included with your monthly lease, such as internet access, furniture and access to a conference room or other things that can help you to run your business in a meaningful way.

Consider Instant Office Suites

When you choose to rent an instant office it means that you do not have to worry about furniture, equipment, and internet connection. Business centres  may include  a small reception area and a private office suite  where you can close the door and get to work. You are connected to the internet, all you need to do is plug in your computer and access it.

Instant office suites is an option that many business people are now turning to because there is no set up required to get their business off the ground. Waiting for phone line & internet connections and other types of services can really eat into a lot of valuable time, but when you move into an office that is already set up for you, you do not have to waste any time.

If your business is doing well, you also want the option of being able to expand in the same location, so it is important to choose an office space that offers you the option of renting more space in the future.

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